Swim School at Bunya

We create strong swimmers and nurture a lifetime love of the water.

Our Lessons

Swim School Promises

Be Safe, Be Fair, Be Brave

Be Safe, Be Fair, Be Brave are our school promises. We ask the swimmers to commit to them EVERY time they get into the water.

Every self-kindness, every correction, every request we give can come back to those three promises “Be Safe, Be Fair, Be Brave”.

Our promises make for happy, joyful lessons where teachers don’t have to manage behaviour constantly. They also begin to teach our swimmers that grit, self-patience and self-kindness are just as important as the swim itself.

Meet the Team

Tanya Allan, Principal

“Feeling successful and believing you are capable are two very important steps towards learning something new. I believe that there are TOO many opportunities for kids to be graded in their little lives – which is why at Little Big we don’t openly grade our swimmers; we don’t give report cards and we ALWAYS find something to praise your child for. We first want them to LOVE coming here, then we teach them to swim.”

Tanya has lectured at QLD Austswim conferences on the importance of understanding dry land competencies and the role of dry land training in stroke development, Aquatic Yoga and the how to care for your body as a swim coach. 

In her spare time, Tanya is the Director of a Children’s Cancer Charity Bravery Box, a program which aims to support the social & emotional well-being and mental health of families with a childhood cancer diagnosis.

Michelle Smith, Vice Principal

Michelle “Working with kids to teach them safety and independence and the sport gives me lots of job satisfaction.”

Her favourite thing to teach is… Teaching the kids to love the water, helping kids overcome their fears and anxieties to develop a healthy level of confidence. I am so proud to see the kids who don’t naturally love the water become safe and confident little swimmers.

Competitively Michelle’s favourite stroke is butterfly. 

Thing she says the most as a coach –
“Bubble, bubble, bubble, roll to breathe” – I think I say it in my sleep.

Miss Tina, Principal of Stroke Development

If Tina could be a fish… she would love that. She swam competitively at quite a high level and has a swim crush on breaststroke. Tina’s background in competitive stroke make her an EXCELLENT technician when teaching stroke.

Tina grew up around water ways and understands how quickly such a fun place can become dangerous to young children. Her drive to teach is to develop water competency to prevent drowning.

On the rare occasion when you find her NOT in her togs, she is spending quality time with her teen and extended family, probably at the beach… in her togs.

Miss Teja

Teja is a born teacher. She is SO consistent and patient and her happiness in the pool is contagious. 

Teja is studying Primary Education and her behaviour management game in the water is second to none – joyful, happy, do anything for a Miss Teja smile-swimmers. 

Competitively Teja’s favourite stroke was… Breaststroke

Thing she says the most as a coach – Kick! No feet on the ground! Nice one!

Miss Kristen

“That I get to teach swimmers and help them achieve their own goals and overcome any anxiety makes my heart happy. I’m so lucky.”

Kristen’s favourite stroke to teach is backstroke and freestyle. Competitively her stroke was backstroke. 

Thing she says the most as a coach – “Swimmers!! Thumb, sneaky, pinky, push!”

When she’s not in the pool you, might find Miss Kristen shopping on the weekends, baking yummy treats, swimming on hot days or spending time with her family.

Float on Over!

If you want your child to love swimming as much as we love teaching, come join us!