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Our portal is a one-stop-shop for managing your swim life. You can alert us of when you are able to attend, book make ups, pay bills, and get in touch.

When you download the apps, our site ID is  b110292

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How much are classes?

All Classes – $23 for 30 minutes
Private Lessons – $45 for 20 minutes

What times are your classes?

Baby to Kindy
Monday – Friday – 8.30am-2pm

Stroke Development (School Aged)
Monday – Friday – 3pm-5.30pm

All Ages and Abilities
Saturday – 9am-12 noon

Do parents have to get into the pool?

Until your swimmer turns 3, we have parents join us in the pool.

Do you have a registration / booking fee?


How many children are in a class?

We swim up to five children in a class where parents are in the pool. For children aged 3- kindy, we swim four per class. School-aged children have a maximum coach ratio of 1 teacher to 4 children. We only ever have one class swimming at a time.

When are your swimming terms?

We swim from September to December and January to May. We have two weeks off at Christmas and one week off at Easter. June, July, August we are closed for winter. 


We don’t tend to use goggles until children turn 3 unless we think it will improve their swimming lessons. At 3 we introduce the idea of goggles as the swimmers’ technique begins to become a little more mature and we’re teaching face down float and correct body position. We have plenty of goggles swimmers can borrow for lessons. 

Swim nappies?

Each child swimming under 3 years who has not yet been fully toilet trained at home are required to swim with a swimming nappy – cloth or disposable is your choice.

What happens when I miss a lesson?

Log in to our swimmer’s app and let us know BEFORE your swimming lesson that you can’t make it. There, you can also book a make-up lesson.

Do we do trial lessons?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is – you are welcome to come and watch as many lessons as you see fit to decide if we’re the school for you. We don’t do trial lessons because we genuinely believe it takes longer than one lesson for us to connect with your child, and it’s not fair on our existing swimmers and their progress when we have trial lessons happening in the pool. Thanks for understanding!

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