Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for babies to school aged

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Swimming lessons

Swimming for your little people in our roasty-toasty, 32 degrees, outdoor, partially shaded pool.

After your swimming lessons – glorious, outdoor, warm showers. Quick wash of the hair with our complimentary shampoo and you can tick ‘clean hair’ off your to do list.

Only one swimming lesson at a time, so no noisy distractions.

There’s plenty of room poolside for you and your other children to kick back, picnic and applaud.

Swimming Lesson Prices

  • 30 minute group class $23 (all ages)
  • 20 minute private class (after approval from Tanya) $45
  • Private Twins classes, 20 minutes (up to 3 years) $45

Baby to Kindy Swimming Lessons

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Swimming Lessons – Parent Assisted

This program is for little babies as young as 3 months and up to typically 3 years. Parents get in the water with their swimmers and we guide you through our program. Our aim of this program is to teach the children water awareness, breath control, how to get back to the side after a fall, how to propel forward and how to LOVE coming to swimming.

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Swimming Lessons – Water Awareness

Your child is probably between 3 or 4 and they’re getting the hang of this swimming malarkey. They can happily put their faces in the water, hold their breath and recover from a fall. This is where we teach them some independence – how to get their head up for a breath, how to change directions when they’re swimming and how to follow directions.

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Swimming Lessons – Emerging Stroke

Your child is probably in Kindy, and it’s starting to look a little more like swimming! In this program we begin to add elements of stroke to your child’s swimming. Nice long kicking legs, arm and hand patterns and floats. We add stroke breath control and other foundations of freestyle and backstroke.

Swimming Lessons – School Aged

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Swimming Lessons – Emerging Stroke (SA)

This class is for those school-aged kiddos who are still putting the swimming puzzle together. We put platforms in the pool for them to swim between and teach them everything they need to know before stroke development.

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Swimming Lessons – Freestylers

In Freestylers, we work on the technical moves of freestyle, add endurance activities, backstroke and emerging breaststroke activities.

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Swimming Lessons – H2Go

This class is for swimmers who have nailed freestyle and backstroke and are ready to work on breaststroke and butterfly.

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