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Parent Responsibilities: Your child’s water safety is your responsibility and one we share with you during a swimming lesson. While your child is swimming we encourage you to watch and praise them when they’ve done a good job or tried their best.

​When you child isn’t in class but at the school they may not approach the edge of the pool or put their feet or hands in the pool; this is your responsibility. Our teacher’s attention should be on their class, not in keeping other children around the pool away from the edge. ​

Make Up Policy If you are planning a holiday you may notify us through the portal up to four weeks ahead of time. A make up class will be allocated to your child and you can book this make up either before or after your day off. Each student is entitled to three make ups per term. Make ups are limited to 3 make up lessons per swim semester (Sep to Dec, Jan to May).

Notification for non attendance MUST be made through the portal for a make up to apply. This generates a make up class to be used at a later date.

Make-ups must be utilized before the end of the current swim semester (Sep to Dec and Jan to June) or they will be forfeited. They are not refundable or exchangeable for cash or credit against any current or future swim season.

Storms: If a lesson is cancelled due to storm activity a make up will be made available and may be booked through the portal.

If a make up has been unable to be booked due to finding a suitable time or a make up has been unavailable due to demand this is regrettable however unused make ups will still be forfeited at the end of season.

Payments: Lessons $21 for group lessons and $29 for private lessons. Payment options are Direct Debit or paying the full term in advance (Jan to May and Sep to Dec) A direct debit can be organised with Tanya if you’d like to pay monthly or a season invoice will be sent to your email which can be paid by credit or debit / credit card via the portal.

Direct Debits Direct Debits from credit cards or bank accounts are run on the 1st of each month through Ezi Debit. Ezi Debit may charge a $9.90 penalty fee for insufficient funds. This is a charge from Ezi Debit and not from the swim school. ;