Infant Aquatics

The job here doesn’t end with water safety and water awareness activities. We are teaching babies and young children how to love the water, how to play joyfully, how to respect the water, how to follow instructions. An infant instructor learns to read a child’s confidence through feather light touch, they learn to judge a child’s emotion at a glance. These instructors deeply connect with their little swimmers.

There are as many ways to teach swimming as there are swim teachers. Consider our teaching library a smorgasbord. Feast on what you love, and what you don’t love, just leave on the platter for someone else.


Learning that the side is SAFE

We celebrate going back to the side where it's safe. We talk about what would happen if we fell into a pool. Discussing and preparing for an accidental fall into the pool may just prepare our children to do the right thing when they're...