Emotional Contagion – when you catch a feeling in the water

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Emotional Contagion

Emotional Contagion is when we catch someone else’s feeling, or when another person catches ours.

You can lead a child to great decision by infecting them with a really good mood.

Celebrate when they do the right thing – shiny, happy, high five congratulations for good safe choices in the water.

When they don’t get it right, try to find some compassion (for yourself, as much as them) and gently correct them.

Our children need to feel really connected and in tune with us around the water – they need to keep looking to us for feedback on their good choices, and gentle correction when they don’t get it right.

Try to really enjoy your time in the water with your children. It’s one of the rare places where grown-ups still get to PLAY and be without any other of life’s big distractions and have FUN.

Remember, be safe, be fair and be brave.