Childhood cancer… an Invitation


This is Lara. She is my daughter. And she is a cancer survivor.

When Lara was 6 years old and diagnosed with cancer, she began what would become 800 days of chemo and drug therapy treatment that would save her life.

That same year, we launched Bravery Box, a charity helping kids and teens with cancer live a more joyful and connected life, through some of their toughest times.

Lara, now 12 is hosting a festival at her school to help raise money for the very important work that Bravery Box do.

To give back to both her oncology community and the local community who supported her through her toughest days.

This festival has been in the planning for YEARS. Lara planned every detail from her hospital bed and now the day is finally here.

Love from Tanya and Lara