Be safe, Be fair, Be brave

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As many of you may know, our Principal Tanya Allan is also the Director of the charity, Bravery Box, helping kids with cancer ignite and celebrate everyday bravery as well as their moments of INSANE Bravery.

“Now, more than ever I believe children, ALL children, need to feel they have safe places. Places where they are met with compassion and understanding & encouragement. I am VERY excited to be introducing some of our Bravery Box methods to the swimmers at Little Big Swim School”. says Tanya.

“​We are implementing three simple attitudes for our swimmer – be SAFE, be FAIR and be BRAVE”.

We will begin talking to our swimmers about what they mean and celebrating their choices to be safe, fair and brave.

​”These attitudes appear very simple ideas but they are designed to spark your child’s sense of self confidence, self compassion, empathy and courage” Tanya says.


Being safe is looking after others by keeping an eye out for danger and teaching younger swimmers through your example how to stay safe.  We care for our safety by ALWAYS waiting for permission to enter the water and listening.


Fair and equal are not the same thing. Fair is each swimmer getting what they need to feel successful in the water; a calm lesson, feeling safe and heard. Fair is your child being welcomed to a class enthusiastically by their teacher and their teacher using their name. Be fair to your teacher, be fair to other swimmers and be fair to yourself.


Learning to swim takes grit and tenacity. When you’re learning to swim you get it wrong a hundred times before you get it right.

Being brave is giving it a go, even if you might not get it right, even if you’re a little afraid.
Children will get wrist bands with our attitudes on them – when they first swim with us after the launch of this program and during the season, when they demonstrate our attitudes to their teacher.