Why we don’t do trial lessons


We haven’t offered trial lessons for many years.

Here’s why we so strongly stand by this one

A trial lesson takes the focus off where it should be – our existing students.
Trial lessons turn my coaches into salespeople and that’s not their job – it puts pressure on them to entertain, engage and be successful with ONE STUDENT – who is there to try before they buy.
I believe very strongly that it takes more than one lesson before a family will know that we’re the right school for them. It takes time for a child to settle, get with the flow of our lessons and instructions, to make friends with and trust their instructors.
Many of my coaches are the most experienced in the industry. I stand behind the skills of every one of my teachers, their skills and attention to detail are exceptional. They are professionals, and offering their services in a trial capacity devalues them.
Finally, our name stands with us. We are never shy of recommendations on socials, at the school gate, at mothers’ groups or anywhere else you find a gaggle of parents.
We invite prospective students to come and watch (by invitation only) as many lessons as they want before deciding if we’re the school for them.
Bring a picnic and sit poolside for an hour or two to see how our coaches talk to our swimmers, watch the faces of the kids swimming – that will tell you SO much more than a trial lesson ever will.
Love Tanya