COVID Safety Policy


Covid safety and the advice from Qld Health can change. Please visit this page to view our current Covid Safe Policies. We will update them as the situation, and advice changes.

Last update 9th Jan 2022



Vaccination Only

from Jan 2022 we are a vaccination only facility. Parents, carers, and any visitors over 16 to the facility will be required to show us their green tick, or vaccination certificate.

25-minute lessons

for the time being, and when covid is active in the community, we will conduct 25-minute lessons, allowing 5 minutes for swimmers to leave the facility before the next class arrives.

Wrap and Go

If you can – it would be great if you could ‘wrap and go’. This means throwing a towel or dressing gown over your children and getting showered and dressed at home. We realise this won’t be ideal for everyone, but those who can, it will reduce the number of people poolside.

Entry and Exit

When possible, please enter through the front gate, and exit through the side gate.


It is the instruction of Qld Health that instructors do NOT wear masks. A wet masks acts like an aerosol. Wearing masks poolside will be a personal choice and will be at the instruction of Qld Health (currently in outdoor environments wearing a mask is a personal choice).

Staff Absences

It will be inevitable at some point we will have staff absences due to covid. We have relief procedures in place to cover absences but there may be times when we are unable to provide classes. We would usually finish swim school for the winter on 29th May. When a class is unable to be provided due to illness or any potential lockdowns, we will operate into June to provide these missed classes.


Thank you for staying safe with us.

Remember, Be Safe, Be Fair and Be Brave