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If you are IN swimming lessons and want to understand them more. If you can’t afford swimming lessons. If you don’t have any swimming lessons close to you (hello Rural Aussies!). This video library is for you.

Wherever you are in Australia, or the world, these are the insider teaching tips. This is how WE help keep YOUR child safe.  Let’s jump in!

Child led submersion

Children who are afraid of the water need some extra support and assistance when learning how to put their heads in. This is how we do it. GREAT news is that you don't need a pool for this activity, it works a treat in the bath. Remember,...

Swimming with Twins

Swimming with Twins

Swimming when you’re outnumbered with twins. How we help parents of twins get into swimming lessons when they can ring in another adult to help. And 6 pro tips to help keep your twins safer around the water.