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Drowning is the biggest cause of accidental death in children under five in Australia. Every week one child drowns. Not one parent got up in the morning expecting that they would end the day, with an empty chair at their dining table. We know not every person can afford or has access to great swimming lessons, but we can still get totally serious about preventing drowning. 

Here, we teach you all of our pro tips for teaching your child water awareness and learn to swim. 

Wherever you are in Australia, or the world, these are the insider teaching tips. This is how WE help keep YOUR child safe.  Let’s jump in.

Our videos are currently busy being filmed and edited. Please drop back here late September to view our video pro tips

Swimming with Twins

Swimming with Twins

Swimming when you’re outnumbered with twins. How we help parents of twins get into swimming lessons when they can ring in another adult to help. And 6 pro tips to help keep your twins safer around the water.

Be safe, Be fair, Be brave

Learning to Swim takes tenacity. You need to try again, and again, and again before you get it right. This is how we harness and reinforce those lessons.