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goggles - pink eye candy

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Goggles – Eye Candy

At a certain point, when swimming becomes serious, serious goggles are called for. I recommend these goggles for adults and the child who is getting serious about stroke development and early squad.

The double strap at the back is the real deal changer when a learn to swim student starts to get serious about swimming. The double strap prevents movement at the back of the head (one strap goes near the base of the neck, the other higher up) keeping the goggle more secure when swimming faster, and in dives and turns. These goggles come with four different sized nose bridges which allows you to adjust the sizing between the eyes.

Fun life hack. I keep my goggles wrapped around my swimming water bottle. This is a double win – I NEVER lose my goggles and I NEVER forget to bring my water bottle to training. Win… Win