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2022 Spring timetable Jenga is COMPLETE!

Please, please, please check your swim times – sometimes they move a little season to season for a variety of reasons and it’s a bit of a hot mess if we have swimmers turning up at the last season’s times if there has been a change.

Q What? Why am I enrolled! I didn’t re-enrol!

A. We practice rolling enrolments (something you kindly agreed to when you totally read the Terms and Conditions and ticked that box to say you read them). So, we assume your attendance season to season until you either let us know you’re finishing up or we expel your swimmer for being TOO good and ready for squad. This means that you never lose your spot in our swim program unless you want to lose it.

We have a long list of swimmers on the side lines without times, holding their togs waiting for a spot and we are starting season close to 90% full so if you’re hanging up your togs with us, please let us know sooner rather than later.

Q. Can I start later than the beginning of season?

A. No and Yes. No, you can’t snag your preferred spot and have a later start date. Yes with a little make up hack – you can keep your spot, notify us of the dates your unable to attend, and then use your make ups later in the season. OR you can risk it for a biscuit, cancel your enrolment and then when you’re ready to come back see if we have a spot – I would however refer to my earlier reference of being 90% full though – sometimes there’s no room at the inn.

Q. My swim time has changed! What the? How Rude, Inconvenient, Awesome!

A. Sorry, Sorry, You’re Welcome

Often we need to jig classes around a bit to accommodate changes in levels, families needing consecutive swim times and lot of other life admin reasons.

If your new time is untenable, get in touch and we’ll do some timetable Jenga magic to make it work for you.

These changes are an unavoidable side effect of running only one class at a time. Something I will NEVER change that philosophy.

Q. My child has no swim times, weird swim times, two swim times.

A. Looks, that’s going to be on me. Admin for 350 swimmers can be hard. Please see the previous answer and get in touch and we’ll figure it out.

Q. When do direct debits run?

A. On the 1st of every month the swim charges for that particular coming month will be debited from your nominated account.

If you have a question that’s NOT listed on our greatest hits, let us know on hello@littlebigswim.com.au and we’ll get back to you and add it to the list for others.


Remembers, Be Safe, Be Fair and Be Brave