End of Season and other need to knows


Hello Swimmers!

It appears end of season is as clear as mud. Sorry for this. Here’s some enlightenment.

End of season for us would usually be the end of May. Courtesy of COVID we lost almost a week of swimming this season so we’re running a week over on all days, except Fridays (Fridays didn’t miss any COVID days). So, next week we’ll swim until 5th June (with the exception of Friday 4th). Swimming will be at your usual times.

All days other than Friday are swimming next week (31st May – 5th June)

With the afternoon sessions we’ll have our usual afternoon break up parties so we’ll get in touch with school aged swimmers and let you know the plan for that.

Next season starts on 30th August. We practice rolling enrolments so you’ll keep your same time and class, and instructors unless we hear from you otherwise. If you need a change in time – your child is 3 and ready to swim without you (yay!) or if you’re ready to hang up your togs please let us know at hello@littlebigswim.com.au

New season times will be confirmed by Mid August

Enjoy your break. Be Safe, Be Fair and Be Brave.

Love Tanya, Michelle, Hayley, Shel and Holly